Cozy Mommy & Me Session | Brittany Raven & Rumi

Last winter I was lucky enough to be able to connect with this precious duo for a lifestyle session. If you follow my Instagram stories, then you know Brittany Raven of Magnetic North is my endurance coach and I adore her fiercely (if you’re training you need her in your life!) When she approached me about this session I was all in, as it turned out the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I met Brittany at her cozy cabin on the river on what would have been my mom’s 60th birthday. The two week period from my mom’s birthday on December 7th to her untimely death on December 21st inevitably bring up big emotions for me. My heart knows these anniversaries, they are woven into me like a tapestry telling the story of my life. Documenting the special bond between Brittany Raven & Rumi felt like a divine appointment, like gift to me on my mom’s birthday.

It filled my heart to see Brittany Raven raising Rumi to be tender, self-reliant and strong just like my mom did me so many years ago. The parent child bond is strong, beautiful & eternal. I don’t know how the veil between here and heaven works, but I believe it’s thin and closer than we think. I could see and feel my mom everywhere. In the snowy countryside drive, the cozy cabin, the wood stove burning – all things that spoke of her presence. My heart connects deeply to these images, I know what they mean to Brittany Raven, I hope you enjoy them too.

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