Grassy Engagement Session by Saleina Marie | Tye + Nikki

When Nikki first contacted me about her wedding photography her email read a little something like this… “Without trying to give off a stalker vibe, I have to confess that I may or may not have stalked your blog last evening and heavily drooled, ahem, I mean looked at most of your posts over an extended period of time (am I coming off to strong? I apologize). I am absolutely in love with your photos, kind words, and history with our Venue. Your pictures are beautiful and I am full of envy and awe!”  I’m not sure if you know this or not, but these are the type of emails that a photographer DREAMS about getting.  I read Nikki’s email to my husband and said, “I will cry, if I don’t work with this girl.”  I’m happy to report internet, there were no tears, only pure love!  After we meet in person, I was even more convinced that I HAD to work with these two.  Here’s the deal… they are high school sweethearts (ah, ya check – I married my high school sweetheart) and they are getting married in Port Gamble (stop the press!  I was married in Port Gamble!!)  To say I LOVE these two would be an understatement… if they were candy, I’d keep them all to myself and I wouldn’t share because they are to darn sweet!  Who’s the stalker now?!

T+N…  I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of this sun-kissed grassy session.  You two brighten my day every time I think of you!  I cannot wait to spend the day in Port Gamble with you!  (p.s… GO Sounders!!!)  Mwah ~S

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