Jessica & Jed | Hitched! {Poulsbo, WA | Wedding Photographer}

What is it that my dad always says?… Ah yes, “you can make all the plans you want, but you better not plan the outcome.”  This is a true statement folks.  A very true statement.  We had made some BIG, some FUN and some GREAT plans for Jessica & Jed’s wedding photography.  One thing we really hadn’t planned on…rain.  Yes, I know.  It is Washington.  Don’t get me wrong, we had a “rain plan”.  I just didn’t really like the rain plan as much.  In the hours leading up to the wedding, I revised the rain plan.  The new plan starred three superheroes… Jessica, Jed, & Mor Mor Bistro.  We set out on the streets of downtown Poulsbo armed with a new destination, a few umbrellas and my trusty Nikon – I think the results were fabulous!

Jessica & Jed,  you two have been an absolute dream to work with.  I feel SO blessed to have met you and gotten a chance to get to know you.  Thank you so much for all your great ideas and not being afraid to just go for it.  I hope you enjoy the blog! ~ Saleina


I’ve been dying to share these images.  There are SO many… where to start.  Here are some of my faves – in no particular order.

Jessica & Jed opted to see each other before the ceremony.  Here they are waiting in agony to see each other.  Jed was REALLY excited to see Jess.  When he arrived with Danielle (my assistant), the first thing he said to me was… “Ah, man.  I can’t wait to see Jess!”  Come on ladies… how sweet is that?  

This is a GOOD reaction!  And, a really hot bride. 

Jessica – you are STUNNING!!!   Wow.

I am loving the petticoat & umbrella action.Jed is looking mighty fierce.  I know.  Yellow, flower sandals…  so darn fun!   One of my fondest memories of Jess was when she told me, “I kind of have a thing for yellow.  There will not be ONE flower in those bouquets that is not yellow.”  And, there wasn’t.  The chic means business!  I LOVE it.So the day I saw them installing this phone booth I freaked!  I called my friend and fellow photographer (Katie) and said, “have you seen the new RED phone booth in downtown Poulsbo!  I’m dying to get a bride in there.”  Mission accomlished and I kind of like how the rain drops add to the steamy effect… nice.  Sadly, I saw someone trying to get in the booth and they couldn’t… it had been locked!      This is one of my favorite images of the day.  SO sweet.  

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