Kimberly + Josh = Engaged {Vashon Island + beyond}

Spending the day with my brother-in-law Josh, and his fiance Kimberly, is always a treat!  This day was no exception.  What made this engagement session different from others was the GIANT agenda for the day.   Truly, it was an agenda to rival most weddings.  Buckle your seatbelts folks…you are in for a fast, furious & long engagement session!  WARNING:  This could be my longest blog post…ever!

We started the day at Point Defiance, where we got some pictures of Josh + Kimberly running.  I know, right?  Running?  Yep.  They really wanted to document what had been the foundation of their courtship and running was one of those things. 

After a quick run, we were off to the Point Defiance/Tahlequah ferry to Vashon Island….which was where J+K spent the day prior to Josh’s proposal at Owen Beach in the Point Defiance Park.  Once on Vashon things started to get a little more interesting.  I had one objective….grass.  Lots of tall, flowy grass.  Josh calls this my “signature shot”  Hmm?…  Really?…  Maybe.  I do love grass.  After a little searching and one u-turn, this is what we found…a random front yard somewhere along the Vashon Island highway.

I kinda wish this was my front yard.  I can almost feel the warm breeze…ahhh.

We weren’t done with Vashon Island yet…we hadn’t even made it to the lovely town of Vashon.  In town, we took full advantage of town’s rustic charm and natural beauty.  If you haven’t been to Vashon…GO!  It will take your breathe away….just like the beautiful Kimberly.  (Nice segue, huh?)  Kimberly thinks she doesn’t do a good serious face.   Really?  Cause I think she looks smokin’!  I think Josh thinks so too!

The two love birds being their fun & very playful selves…LOVE those smiles!

The ivy wall wrapped up our time in Vashon.  However…no trip with Josh would be complete without some bizarre incident that involves picking up a stranger…today would be no exception.  En route to the Vashon/Fautleroy ferry, we happened upon two of “Vashon’s (self-proclaimed) finest.”  We noticed they were carring Josh’s lost jacket, that’s when Josh rolled down his window and shouted, “HEY!  That’s my jacket.”  To which these lovely ladies replied, “Are you headed to the ferry?”  “Yep, drop your cigarette and jump in!  We’ll give you a ride.”  Within seconds of loading into the car, they began to tell us tall tales of gardens with 300 species of vegetables, east coast pizza chains and a Mercedes Benz (which was mentioned at least a half a dozen times).  Katie…Laurie…it was real!

We dropped Katie & Laurie at their Mercedes and had some good old fashioned ferry fun!

 You might think after the second ferry ride, we’d be callin’ it a day.  Not a chance!  We were headed to Josh’s house to meet Jeffery and cook up some grub!  “Jeffery who?”  Jeffery is the 20 ft fiber glass giraffe that lives in Josh’s hedge!  Handmade by Josh and his roommates, Jeffery is an area favorite!  NOTE:  Matching giraffe tees…  Rock it J+K…rock it! 

After a grubbin’ meal, we headed to one of their favorite spots to grab some sunset pictures…Golden Gardens.   We were rained out!   Bah.  I think we did just fine without the sunset.  Here are some fun shots taken in the tunnel just before the park.

Eight hours, four ferry rides and lot miles later the day was done.  It was a session to be remembered!  Josh + Kimberly, my heart felt thanks for an awesome day!  I had a blast.  I absolutely cannot wait for your beautiful Kiana Lodge wedding!  Congratulations…I love you both TONS!

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