Mary + Charlie = Married in Leavenworth, WA

When my youngest brother {Charlie} and his fiance {Mary}, asked me to shoot their wedding I was thrilled!  I could hardly hold back the tears, because I knew I would get to do what no one else would – I would get to spend the entire day hanging out and photographing my bro and his sweet girl!  AWESOME!!! 
We come from a tightly knit family and my brothers are my boys.  I truly can not even begin to fathom how relaxing my life would have been without those two pestering me….Gotcha!  Kidding!  Truthfully, growing up my brothers were my best friends and they still are.  Some of my funniest and scariest memories of Charlie are of him {six years old and in helmet} skiing and skiing off of things…like REALLY big rocks.  So when Mary and Charlie decided to have a winter wedding in the mountains, it came as no surprise to me. 
Mary & Charlie, thank you SO much for including your old sis and for giving me a front row seat to new favorite memory!  Lots of love, Saleina            
      Thank you to all the staff at Mountain Springs Lodge for making this beautiful day happen…bravo!  And to, Jeannette’s Old Town Flowers for Mary’s beautiful flowers.

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