Mitka & Bri | Engaged {Bainbridge Island Wedding Photographer}

If you know me than you know one thing for sure… I talk a lot and fast.  It’s a rare day that I meet someone who chatters as much as I do.  Mitka is one such man.  He is a walking encyclopedia.  I learned more about wildlife & bainbridge island history in our 90 minute session than all four years in high school.  Bri who is equally as sharp and probably twice sweet, would laugh at Mit’s ramblings and challenge the validity of them.  It was in those laughter-filled moments, of Bri not being so sure that was “the biggest tree one the island” and Mit humorously trying to stand his ground that I knew two thing for sure…   1) these two are wild for each and a perfectly balanced match, and 2)  I am one blessed girl to work with clients as amazing as Bri and Mitka.

ABOUT Saleina

Oh, hey there! I’m Saleina.

Photographer, Wanderer & Guide to stress free photos I’m here to help. The number one thing I hear
from clients is “We’re awkward in front of the camera!” I get it, you’ve never done this before.

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