Normandy Park Wedding by Saleina Marie | Alex + Randi

I’ll make no qualms about it, I adore these two. They are both incredibly fun, light hearted and 100% genuine. I knew we’d be fast friends when after seeing Randi’s homemade sign (during the engagement session) Alex responded “I would have helped you make that if you’d asked.  It looks like a ransom note!”  We all burst into hysterical laughter, it was the best.

On the day of their wedding, the weather pulled out all the stops and held nothing back… it was like a monsoon hit the Pacific  Northwest.  Of course, wanting nothing but a beautiful outdoor wedding on the shores of Normandy Park, you’d think Randi would have been a little more than upset.  Not this bride, she took the entire day in stride, smiling from ear to ear all day.  We were able to sneak outside between down pours, but my heart just broke for these and I promptly scheduled a “day after session.”

R+A… Thank you for EVERYTHING…  enduring a monsoon, traveling to kitsap and your unending patience when my hard drive failed… you two are the BEST!! XO ~ S

steffenson (1)steffenson (6)steffenson (2)steffenson (7)steffenson (4)steffenson (3)steffenson (8)steffenson (9)steffenson (10)steffenson (37)steffenson (11)steffenson (12)steffenson (13)steffenson (18)steffenson (20)steffenson (19)steffenson (15)steffenson (16)steffenson (29)steffenson (30)steffenson (33)steffenson (32)steffenson (28)I’m totally in LOVE with all the images from our day after session… here are few I had to share!

steffenson (23)steffenson (25)steffenson (26)Randi is all about the heart hands, which was a perfect way to incorporate the sweet little baby that is on the way!  Congrats you two!!!

steffenson (24)steffenson (27)steffenson (35)steffenson (31)

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