Elegant Winter Port Gamble Wedding by Saleina Marie | Kara + Michael

Here is what you need to know about me and Port Gamble (aka – PG)… we have history.  I grew up meeting my Grandpa for lunch in the General Store, I dreamt of being married in the church and guess what?  I was married in the historic church.  I loooove PG.  So, it goes without saying that when Kara’s Mother (Pamela) approached me about photographing her daughter’s wedding I was instantly excited.  Then I found out Pamela is an amazing photographer (check her out…you’ll love her!!)  It was so humbling to even be considered and then to be chosen… well, I couldn’t have been more honored.

Then I met Michael + Kara and I feel in love with these two and their amazing story.  It’s a story chock full of God’s redemptive love, amazing grace and ultimately his plan for this amazing couple’s union.  It’s been such a privilege to hear their story and witness their love for each other and the Lord.  I cannot wait to see the amazing things God has in store for these two!

This was the sweetest first look, made sweeter by Michael’s decision to not kiss Kara until the ceremony… aw! 

It was super fun (and warm) to spend a good portion of time in church.  We did make our way to the beach, where we found some beautiful light and frigid temperatures.  Michael, Kara and their fabulous wedding party endured some seriously cold temperatures… thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  You’re rockstars!!

Pamela literally transformed the Hood Canal Vista Pavilion – it was gorgeous!!!  The ceremony was equally as touching with moments of laughter, times of praise and the kiss Kara had to wait all day for.  It was just perfect.

Beautiful details, meaningful toasts, tear-jerking dances… this is stuff dreams and this wedding were made of!

A biiiig thank you to everyone who made this gorgeous happen.

The Main Attraction:  Michael + Kara Hunter (You two are amazing… be blessed!  Mwah!!!)

Venue:  Port Gamble Weddings, Hood Canal Vista Pavilion  (They are the best!  Love you gals + guy)

Photography:  Saleina Marie Photography

Event + Floral Design:  Pamela Hunter (Mother, designer, photographer and all around super woman!!)

Caterer:  Essence of the Thymes

Floral:  Quality Food Centers


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