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Since yesterday was looove day, I thought I’d share a place I love – our kitchen.  It’s function extends beyond housing coffee and cereal… it’s where homework battles are waged and won, where coffee (decaf) is made and consumed, where parental plans of attack are developed and deployed, where heartaches are heard and healed, it’s where we share our lives with each other and those close to us, it’s the heart of our home.

It’s also a really beautiful little kitchen, but it wasn’t always.  Here are a couple before pictures…

I suppose the original kitchen wasn’t that bad, but we I really like to give things the ‘Epperson Touch.’  The ‘Epperson Touch’ consists of my hair-brained ideas and my husband’s handy work.  It probably goes without saying my job is slightly easier than his.  One might even say I make his job more difficult… might.  He once actually said to me, “every time you come to the house you cost me a day of work and $500.”   What?!  Me?  NOoo.  Well, I am here to say I knew it would be the heart of our home and I wasn’t going to settle.  God bless my amazing husband who puts up with me and makes all my interior dreams come true.  He is one handy man… I think I’ll keep him.

Here’s proof that I don’t settle or that I am difficult, you decide…  🙂

In the spirit of full disclosure I did change the paint color – after my husband and father-in-law spent all day painting… oops.  Enter paid painters.  I also moved the island a full six inches –  yes, after it had to been screwed to the floor.  Re-enter carpenter and floor guy.  Okay, so maybe I am a little picky, but it is after all the heart of our home.  I think it deserves my best.

Just like anything else I do, I couldn’t make it happen without the help of some really awesome people.

Tile:  Gurney’s Tile Work

Wood Floor:  New Touch Woodworking

Cabinets + Island:  Nyman Construction

Countertops:  Lowes

I hope you enjoy seeing our remodel project.  Happy Frivolous Friday!!

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