Frivolous Friday | Harebrained and Hiking

According to Merriam-Webster harebrained is defined as follows:

1:  foolish  2:  absurd, ridiculous

Friends, you might as well know right from the start – I have a lot of harebrained ideas.  Ideas like… hiking 2,000 vertical feet up the side of a mountain.  Absurd!  When we stopped at the Quilcene Ranger Station we had no idea what lay ahead.  We checked out the list of local hikes and I somehow managed to convince my otherwise logical husband to hike Mt. Walker with me.  It went something like this…

Me:  “What about this one?”

Him:  “It’s 2,000 feet UP over two miles?  I don’t know if we’re ready for that yet?”

Me:  “It’s only 2 miles.  We can do it!  It will be fun!”

Him:  “You’re nuts.”

Me:  “Come on, we can do it!”

Him:  “Ok, but I’m already trying to figure out how to forgive you for this.”

Me:  “Ha! Ha!  You’re funny.  Let’s go!!!”

Him:  “I’m serious.  This is crazy.”

Armed with my iPhone (DLSR’s are heavy, Friends) for proof of our accomplishment, we set out on our hike.  When we started I was energized, excited and optimistic – I mean how tough could it really be?  By the half-way point, my optimism was wavering and somewhere along the way I lost all hope that I’d ever make it.  Every other tree became my personal resting post and between huffs and puffs I confessed – “You were right, (huff, puff), I was wrong (huff, puff), 2,000 feet UP in two miles (huff, puff) is too much!”

Finally, after many breaks and a lot of encouragement we reached the top.  The view literally took what little breathe I had away.  As I stood there in complete awe of God’s creation, it hit me – I had given up.  I had taken my eye off the prize and I had given up on seeing the view from the top.  Not good, Friends, not good.  In those breathless moments on the trail, I couldn’t even remember why I had worked so hard to convince my husband to do this hike.  This is when I realized a couple things…

  1. It is vital to keep my eye on the prize.  Whatever I am doing whether it is hiking, raising children, running a business or being a good friend I can’t take my eye off the prize for one second.  I cannot let temporary pain distract me from my goals.  Pain is temporary, finishing is forever.  (I bet you could find that on Pinterest somewhere.)
  2. Who I surround myself with makes a big difference.  If I had set out on that hike alone, I would not have reached the summit.  I would have been three switchbacks away from the top and never seen that amazing view.  That is so not cool.  I am so blessed to have family and friends that support and encourage me when I lose my way.  Amen!

Harebrained ideas may be foolish and absurd, but I say the more harebrained the better!  If I wasn’t so harebrained then I would have never known the view from the top of Mt. Walker and I want to know the view from the top of every mountain in my life.

Side note –  This is what I am currently reading – I am loving it.  The best part is my kids actually think it’s about how I can clean the house better.  Do they not see the child caring that laundry basket?  🙂

Happy Frivolous Friday!

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