Frivolous Friday | Birthdays and Baking

Yesterday we celebrated my husband’s birthday.  He actually he doesn’t get a birthday this year.  Since the calendar let him down, super wife to the rescue… we will be celebrating his birthday on the 28th and the 1st.  Boom!  Take that, Leap Day!  On a side note, we have some seriously interesting birthday’s in our family, check it out…  3 out 4 for birthdays are shared with Leap day, Christmas day and Veterans day.  The fourth birthday is our most favorite, it’s a classic summer birthday.

Grace and I made a super yummy pie for her Daddy’s big day.  She has been in the kitchen with me since she was a year old… she loves to cook and bake.  It’s our special time together.  Do you see what she is doing in this picture?  That, my friends, is a truly handmade crust!  She’s eight people!!!  And clearly amazing.

Noah showed up just in time to sit on the island (who is teaching this child manners anyways?!) and eat his fair share of sugar laden apples.  Noah loves to cook too, but he loves sitting on the island and eating more.  These are the warm and cozy days of winter that make my heart sing.  I live for days just like this…. laughing, teaching, sharing, eating and loving each other.

Happy Frivolous Friday!!!

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